Questions Without Answers

Hi ! Gliders i’m building an app that act as an online library that shows PDF’s files and i came across several struggles i want to ask about.
NB. “all the questions above don’t have answers as i did some searching but with no responses”

  1. When a user already add the app to the home screen and visit the link of the app or tap on a deep link it opens in browser and not in app is it normal or is it just me i tried different devices ?

  2. As i mentioned i play with PDF’s and users can download it to their devices is it possible that users visit the downloaded content within the app while offline like in app download but on reading mode ?

  3. is there anyway to remove the favorites tab from the ‘‘see all’’ tab since you can’t change to detail view

    I apologise for my English and i’m new to writing in the community since this is my first time i usually find answers