QR Code to Install

This feels like a stupid question, but for the automatically generated QR code for installing the app on someone’s phone, how is the best way to copy that QR code so that I can put it onto marketing pieces that our attendees will see and then scan?

The only way I can seem to do it is to take a screenshot of it, but that feels low tech and also that it won’t give me the best quality image for printing onto marketing pieces. Is that the only way to do it? Or am I missing something really obvious?

There is nothing special about QR codes. In this case it’s just the url to your app. Go to any QR code generator site, plug in your URL, and copy the image that it gives you.

Oh ok, so if I use another QR code generator, in theory, it would look the same as the one that is being auto-generated by Glide, yes?

It should, but as long as the result is the same when you scan it, then it doesn’t matter what it looks like.


You can even do fun ones. Here is one that links to this thread.

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