Push Notification is not showing

I am not able to see push notification option in integration. How to enable this?

Have you enabled Integrations via Previews?

I just enabled preview but Its not same as showing in yours.

Do you mean that you don’t see the option to enable Big Tables?
That’s been officially released now, so it no longer needs to be enabled via previews.

Anyway, I see that you have Integrations enabled now - do you see the Push Notifications Integration?

I see only this much and it was same before I enable preview.

That looks like you might have one of the old Classic Apps?
The new Integrations are only available with the new Glide Apps.

How to upgrade to new one? Does that mean we have to rebuild the whole app?

There’s no direct way to convert a Classic App to a new Glide App. The best thing we have now is “New App from data”. You can do this from your team dashboard by clicking on the three dots icon on the app you want to convert.


This option preserves your calculated columns, but design-wise, you might have to do a bit of work.