Pulling a column from Glide in Make(Integromat)

I just want to be able to pull a customers balance from the customer row in Glide. I have successfully set up a match to my Glide table based on row ID in Make, but it is pulling ALL the columns for that customer row whereas I just want to pull the one.

If anyone is an expert and has the time, a screenshot of how to set it up or a detailed explanation would be appreciated.

Not possible. It’s either all columns or none. But that shouldn’t be a problem, all you need to do is parse the HTTP response and pick out the value you need.

If the computed column is the column I am trying to pull, how would I convert(in this case my Math column) to a basic column value

You can’t get a computed column value through the API, so you’d need an action somewhere that writes the computed value into a non-computed column.

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