Protect content


I plan to have option for paid contents.

  1. swipe card of information about insect or plant for example
  2. audio version of this information

People who have paid can view/listen inside the app, but cannot forward it. It should be available on/offline where internet access is non-existent like in a mountain…

What is best practice to set this protection?


Not sure if you’re doing a subscription or a one-time payment but both can be done with PayHere, or if it’s one-time you can have a buy button.

Can you go into more details about this? They can simply share the link to the details screen or screenshot it.

The offline mode, as far as I understand, only works when you have loaded the app previously and suddenly loses connection. When you try to start it from scratch without a connection it won’t work.

screenshot cannot do much but for links I think can be protected in a number of ways

  1. average user won’t be able to determine link if we do not make it available like “Share” button
  2. with link user need to login and register using email in my use case
  3. after they register they still won’t be able to see as we use visibility condition depending on payment is true or not

Payment will be a one-off for each content.

If offline mode works like what you described then what is alternative to still allow access?

As long as you allow them to access details view (you may not necessarily have to do this with a swipe layout) they can get the link from the browser bar on desktop.

But you are right on the paywall, I would be more concern ed about screenshots.

Regarding offline mode, I can’t think of any alternatives.

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