Project Showcase site questions

Do the people who post on the Project Showcase use Pro plan +? The sites seem very well mad UI wise, and would like to know if anyone of them are done using the free plan.

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You can probably guess a projects plan from the integrations it uses

I’m sure many build their projects on free plans. Personally I’ve posted a couple using a free plan.
here is my latest one its 70% done


Wow, you did this with the free plan?

If you focus more on the UI, I’m sure you can build many things on the free plan. The pro plan allows you to have more private users, more apps, more updates, more rows, but many things on the UI are already possible on the free plan itself.

The Free Plan is primarily there so that you can “try before you buy”. It’s not suitable for anything other than trying Glide out, or perhaps a small hobby project.

If you plan to use Glide for anything substantial, you should select the appropriate paid plan based on your required features and projected usage.

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I am playing with free plan. I think the benefits of having paid plan is access to the CSS.

I embrace the creative constraints of Glide’s Design Components and approach different design with Glide Pages.

Like me know if you need any guidance!

A Landing Page for a game

A Itinerary generator

Weather Chat App

yes, i am doing this app to put in the template store.
if someone ends up using it, they probably require to subscribe to a plan.
you can try most things on the free plan.
but when you have users on the app, as mentioned above you need to subscribe to a plan.