Progress Mission Bar

Hey there

I would like to setup small missions in my app for my users to complete. But I would like to also have a progress bar in which the user could see how far he/she has been through the mission. I want to achieve this whenever the user presses a button on the mission page, the progress bar would be effected.

Does anyone know or have an idea on how to do this? I would really appreciate it

  • create one column to store the total number of missions
  • create a second column to store the number of missions completed
  • every time a user completes a mission, increment the second column by 1
  • use those two columns together in the Progress Component

I’ve done the first 3 points but I failed to use those two columns together in the Progress Component

Can you show a screen shot of what you have?

Oh wait I got it by accident :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the quick response, I really appreciate it.

Also another thing, is there a way to disable the button after completing the mission?

Yes, lots of ways to do that :slightly_smiling_face:
Probably a good way would be to use a visibility condition to check the mission status. If it’s completed, then hide the button.


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oh yes, it’s very active.
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