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Hi, first post. I’m trying to use a donut chart to show the number of days expired or days remaining in a time window just to display a comparison against progress.
start date 1st January
end date 31st january
todays date 19th January

I want to show the donut as 19 days of the 31 day window have passed yeah - (61.3%)
I’ve tried relative time and maths columns but can’t crack it. Any tips out there? Obviously I want the chart to increment each day to show that the window is closing.


You should be able to:

  • Calculate the duration using a math column (end date - start date).
  • Calculate the time passed using a math column (today - start date).
  • Calculate the time left using a math column (duration - time passed).

Then plug the time passed and time left to the donut chart.

Alternatively, you can try Quickchart. I think “Gauge chart” is the one you’re looking for.


Thanks ThinhDinh. I’ll get going on this…


We talk a lot about quick chart here:
:heart_eyes: the Cloudinary of Charts —on the fly charts!


Thanks Robert. Follow your channel on youtube so really appreciate the tip. I’ve some big plans and am working through some basics to get there. I’ll check this out to see where it gets me.

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Wonderful! If you need any guidance or want to schedule a time to talk, reach out here:

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Cracked it - thanks a lot guys. Mitch!

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