Problem with my application old settings?

Hello, I’ve always many problem when I’m truying to change data etc in my application et I can’t duplicate it.
I think it’s because there is something in the setting of the app but where ?
Here you can see the setting are not in the same place and the other applications.

Thanks in advance.


The location of the settings button is an indication of the type of app you have. In your first screenshot, that is a New App. In your second screenshot, that is a Classic App.

Classic apps have been deprecated for a while, and the ability to create new Classic apps and duplicate them was recently turned off. This has nothing to do with any settings in your app.

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Thanks ! And is it possible to change that or must I do all again in a new app ?

No, there is nothing you can change. I recommend rebuilding your app as a New App.

Ok thank you, even if it’s a bad news for me. No possibility to copy some screen from an app to an other ?

Sorry, but no.

I have remade all but I don’t have the same share link :frowning:

And it doesn’t propose to install on my phone at the screen. How to do ?

The share link will be different. Classic Apps have a link that ends in New Apps have links that end in

It should be asking if you want to install. Is it possible that you missed the pop up notification? You should still be able click on the browser menu and select ‘Install’.

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