Problem with import a XML code to google sheet

Hello, I have my data which is imported directly on a GoogleSheet, when on Glide I put the command “ImportXML” it adds a ’ to the left of the content which makes the command not launch on google sheet.

Does someone have an idea ?

Why do you need to do that from Glide though? Can’t you just use a formula in the Sheet to do that? I assume you’re using an add row/set column action here?

Because I import a loot of events from a robot (browse ai) into google sheet, and with Glide I juste edit the row to add the formula because I can’t do it with the robot.

I found a “trick” to do it, so in Glide in my template I put like “§IMPORTXML” instead of “=IMPORTXML” and then in Google Sheet I just do à Search and Change. So I change all § to = and it’s working fine. It’s a good “solution” because I import like 1000 events per week so … :rofl:

I think something can be better here. Without knowing the structure of your db, have you tried arrayformula or byrow at all?

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