Privacy policy maker

Just in case you need a privacy policy this is a great service


@Rosewebstudio Life saviour

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I had a look at this app. It seems to be introducing an extra layer when what is really needed is a privacy statement and confirmation check box on your Glide app’s sign-up page to be GDPR compliant.

@myfta yes, but how do you create that privacy statement? :wink: I think that is the point of the link @Rosewebstudio provided. It’s there to create the legal documents you need.

It’s a great solution if you need it. We can’t expect glide apps to do everything (well not yet anyway :))

Exactly that, it’s a great low cost solution if needed. I was trying to be helpful to my fellow gliders

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I do think finding the right words is far less of a problem than getting the T&Cs and checkbox onto the landing page to be compliant across Europe. If you have landing page elsewhere users will not see this if they go direct to your Glide page of course.

Hi, I’m in the final stages of my Glide app and realised I needed a UK/EU compliant Privacy Policy. I came across this UK company, Rocket Lawyer, and by answering a few relevant questions, they provide you with an customised GDPR privacy policy. They have a free 7 day trial so as long as you cancel within that time there is no membership charge. Check them out here -