Present a 3 Column Table


I am looking for any advice on the best way to present a table like this in the app.
Basically, I am trying to create a leaderboard that shows all the competitors (player name) and their numbers of points and active streak. So it needs to be a table with 3 columns.

This is how I would like it to be seen.

Player Name Points Active Streak
Player 1 10 4
Player 2 9 3
Player 3 8 3
Player 4 7 1

Thanks for any advice!

You can use Markdown to achieve that or if you’re willing to risk using HTML, you can use the HTML format.

Both use the rich text component.

Thanks, ThinhDinh.
How would I set up the table if I use the rich text component?
My confusion is that the component would reference only one cell at a time while I need to create a table. I guess I’m missing part of your suggestions.


You have to create a template column with this code:

 <table style="width:100%; ">
        <th><center>ColumnName1 </b> </th>
    <th><center>ColumnName2 </b> </th>
    <th><center>ColumnName3 </b> </th>

Replace “ColumnName_content” with your data. Now add Rich Text component e select the template column just created.


Thanks, Antonio.
I will try that and report back on any questions.

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