Predetermined mask for fields?

Hello, how can I format fields so that it fills a predetermined mask. For example, for telephone numbers, our default must be ### ### ## ##. How can I do that?

Do you mean you want to validate the user’s input against a pre-defined format?

Hello, I would like to have the fields formatted so that when someone enters a telephone number, for example 1234567890, it is automatically formatted as 123 456 78 90. That means that only 13 digits are possible with the empty lines and the spaces in the phone line inscribed

I assume you want to display it like that in your app as well and not just for the Sheet, so my proposal is as below:

  • Build a custom form:
  • Have a number entry to force the users to enter 13 digits. I think you can calculate a string’s length using Glide’s calculated column, so only when they do enter 13 digits will you allow them to submit.

  • Have 4 columns to slice the input into 4 parts, then finally add a template column to add those 4 parts plus the 3 spaces in (XXX XX XX XX).