Powerful AI-Powered Candidate Selection App

I’d like to showcase a recent Glide project to select applicants using a combination of human-powered and AI-powered assessments.

The app is being used to help choose which organizations are most suitable to participate on a government project.

As you can imagine, any type of government project is going to have a ton of requirements.

Here is a quick summary of what this app had to do:

  1. Accept applications from multiple organizations via an online form.
  2. Allow a team of researchers assess all the organization’s applications.
  3. Implement 5 assessments per organization.
  4. One of the 5 assessments needs to assign higher scores to the organizations whose answers are more unique in comparison to all the other organizations.
  5. Implement OpenAI to provide an overall assessment for each organization based on the weighted scores from the 5 assessments.
  6. Create a report tab displaying the aggregate of all scores and rankings from high to low.
  7. Create a detailed page per organization breaking down the independent scores for each organization and how they compare to all the other organizations.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if Glide would be the right tool to build such a complex app.

However, I thought this project would be ideal to push the limits of Glide as a no-code app-building tool (and my limits as a Glide developer too!)

So how did it go?

After two long weeks working into the wee hours, I was able to meet all the requirements.

All in all, the app did everything it had to do including generating assessments via OpenAI.

It was a challenging project but very rewarding in the end.


Incredible! One of my favorite Glide apps so far.


Congrats. Really great showcase and brilliant use of AI. Love the simplicity of the UX coupled with the power of AI.

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