Power Point not uploading entire file, just the first page.

I have placed 6 Power Point files into my app via link to my google drive. 3 of the 6 will only display the first slide of the Power Point.

How can I solve this or is there a better way to accomplish the same task?

What do you mean by “display”? Are you using an image, an open link action, a web view action, etc?

I had a link from google drive but when I clicked the link it would only show the first page of the PowerPoint. Decided to turn the slides into images and place them individual into the app itself.

That sounds like a google drive problem. Glide is not responsible for files uploaded to Google Drive. Perhaps your Powerpoint file is corrupted, why don’t you ask the Google Docs Editors Community, in which I am a Product Expert.

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What if it is a Google Slides link?