Possible to show text from another table on an information component in an add form?

Is it possible to have an Information component in an add form that shows text from another table? Sort of like I can do with a choice component but just show it as a text or hint. Or is there a work around?

Yes, it’s possible. And there are several ways you could do it.

  • If the column value you need is in your User Profiles table, you can use it directly anywhere.
  • If you have a single relation between the table you’re working in and the table you want the data from, you can use a lookup column to fetch it.
  • You can also use a Single Value column to fetch values from one table to use in another.

If you can provide a little more information about your specific use case, we can probably advise which is the best method to use.


you can bring any value from another table using relation, lookup, single value… columns

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What I want is a single value from a specific column and row in an otherwise unrelated table. I just want the text, or hint or whatever to be able to be dynamic. If I understand you correctly I need to use relations and lookup and create virtual columns in my “active” table that has the form. And use these in the hints / texts? See screenshot.

That’s going to be a little different when you are in an Add form. The Add form is not connected to any row whatsoever because it’s coming from a tab that’s using a list style view (not connected to one single row) and not coming from a specific item.

My first suggestion would have been to utilize the user profile table, by putting your dynamic values in there with either a relation/lookup or a single value column. However, it appears that the Add form doesn’t allow for any outside values to be used, so you are stuck with static text. Again, this is probably partly due to the fact that the Add Form has absolutely no connection to an underlying data row…unlike the regular Form or a Detail screen.

My next suggestion would be to change your tab to a details style layout. Then place an inline list on the screen along with a button or a floating button that will open a normal form. The normal Form screen will still add a row, but it will allow you to dynamically set the hint values based on the user profile row or the underlying parent row for the details screen where the form button is located.

I find that I rarely, if ever, use a list style layout screen or the native Add Form. I prefer to always use a Details style layout screen with a form button for adding rows.