Possible to select one thing, but then show the associated record in a grid?

I have have a bunch of standardised ceramic processes - in a process table.
Some of these processes has subprocesses.
The Main Process and sub processes are both in the same table.

I have it set it up so each user needs to select the relevant processes for each ceramic.

Then I have a grid component writing to the user table. The grid component shows all the processes the user has selected to various ceramics. Fx if they don’t have any ceramics that requires firing the firing record will not show up. When you click on a record it launches a logging form for that particular process.

My problem is that I have quite alot of different processes and and sub process. So I don’t want to show all of these in the grid component as that’ll too much, so I only want to show those that are relevant to the user.

Further, the sub processes I don’t want to show either as I want the user to click on the main process and then in the logging form I’ll let them select the sub processes. However when the user selects the processes in ceramics they only select the sub process and not the main process.

So my problem is:
The user selects one thing, most of the time I want to show this, but sometimes I want to show something that is only associated to the selection in its place.
No matter what I do I run my head against the wall.

I’ve done the following sofar:

The ceramics table includes the UserID and the ID’s for the different processes.
So I have relationship between my process and ceramics table, and then a lookup in the process table that lookup all the User ID’s. Then I have the filter the grid component to only show processes that contains the logged in user. This way the grid only shows processes which they have selected in their ceramics.

I have now tried to get rid of the sub processes by having a boolean on in the process table - which filters out the ceramics. However my problem is I can’t find any way to show those sub processes, main process in stead. So when fx they have ceramics that includes fiering type A, or fiiering type B, I just want the a record that says Fiering and when they click they can then select if they want to have Firing A or Firing B

I’ve tried in the choice component when the user selects the subprocess to also add the value for the main Process, by putting those two ID’s together separated by a coma in a template field. It kind of works however it does not look like anything has been chosen in the choice component.

Then I’ve tried to make a separate table for the “Main processes” and link that to a table of “Sub processes”. Then have the grid component only show the Main processes and then let the users select only the subprocess and then try to lookup the userID’s from the subprocesses - however I found this is not possible.

I’ve kind of ran my head agains the wall, does anyone know if this is possible at all?

I’m still not sure if the data structure you chose can be changed.

Can you explain why is it not possible?

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I fixed it in the end with a good nights sleep.
I placed a template column in the the process table that looks up the User ID to that way be able to make a direct relationship between process and user and then make some columns to match each other and that way filter my grid component.


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