Possible to be a "choice"?

i need some expert to help!!

3 columns, which is:
column 1 is area A
column 2 is area B
column 3 is area C

how could i joining them in glide sheet, and i can see them (area A, area B, area C) as a “choice” features?

Make a new column. It should have 3 rows: area a, area b, and area c. Then use that as your choice component’s source.

can you teach me how to setting in glide backend sheet ? because its a complicated situation…

i can explain like this:
1- i create a delivery platform for multiple merchants.
2- every merchant they have set their area in glide app. (example merchant A set areaA & areaB)
3- merchant A customer (a user) only can choose what merchant A set which is areaA & areaB in the “choice”

So each merchant can have multiple areas and you have each area set in separate columns?

@Jeff_Hager yes correct!

• merchant can set maximum 12 areas (in coverage) with 12 different delivery fares ;
• the most complicated is, merchant are around in the city.

yes! something like i create a form for each merchant,

the form is for merchant to setting:
to merchant A
areaA :ballot_box_with_check:
areaB :ballot_box_with_check:
areaC :ballot_box_with_check:
so merchant A have 3 columns, which is areaA in 1 column, areaB in 1 column, areaC in 1 column…

After that, i have to have another setting is joining all areaA & areaB & areaC into 1 column and make as a “choice” for his customer (user) to choose.

The easiest would be to add a formula to one of your sheets like this:
=UNIQUE({Q2:Q; R2:R; S2:S})
This will give you a list of all unique areas from all columns.

To have that list filtered for each merchant may require you to change a couple things. First I would create a template column that will join each merchant column with a delimiter in between each area, such as , or |. So you should end up with something like Area A|Area B|Area C. Then you will use the Split Text column to split on the delimiter, so you get an array of values. Using that array, you can then create a Relation column to join that array to the list of unique areas that we created using the formula above. Finally, you can use that relation as the source of your choice component. Using the relation should automatically give you a filtered list of areas for each merchant. If your areas are hard set and never change, you could avoid the formula altogether and just make the list manually in your sheet, but that’s up to you.

As @Pablo_books pointed out, a choice component can only work with rows instead of columns. By creating an array and a relation to a list of choices that are in rows, we are able to dynamically build the choices based on the merchant because of the relation.


you have to add columns in users (merchants) sheet that corresponds to number of areas, so column A,B,C and D. than make kind of check mark (thru/false or 0/1) for each user(merchant) in these columns that will indicate which merchant can use each column, than in choice setting filter set to show only if user(merchant) check mark is on. in form use User column to write check marks.

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@Jeff_Hager let me try to setting! thank you for sharing this… appreciated!

did you means like this ? then how to setting in app backend sheet ?

but i think in Glide, Choice column cant choose the value in Split Text or Relation column ?

If the number of Areas is fixed may be this post could help you

yea… the numbers of Areas is fixed (12 areas) but each merchant can settings different pricing on areas.

merchant A set AreaB as 3 dollars delivery fares.
merchant B set AreaB as 5 dollars delivery fares. depends on their cafe location to AreaB distance. :neutral_face:

The Choice column cant choose the value in Split Text or Relation column ?

If I recall right, you can choose a relation to be the source of a choice value, not a Split Text. The data has to be vertical, not horizontal.

If you number of areas is a fixed amount, then I would just create the list of Areas as rows in a new sheet or in one of your existing rows. I think using @Uzo’s suggestion of multiple columns and a checkbox component for each column would be best to allow a merchant to select which areas they serve. Then you would need to create an If/Then column for each area column with the result of each column being either blank if not checked, or the area name if checked. Then as I suggested above, create a Template and Split Text column to link to the list you created in the other sheet using a relation.
(What I had suggested above with the UNIQUE formula was my assumption that each merchant would type in their own areas into text entry components and the values could vary for each merchant, so the unique formula was just to dynamically build the vertical list of areas for the relation in the merchant sheet to relate to.)

Like what was mentioned a few times, choices have to be in vertical rows and can’t be in horizontal columns, but the relation trick I mentioned can take those horizontal values and use the relation to find related vertical rows in another sheet to use for your choices.

Now none of this addresses the problem of charging different amounts for different merchants delivering to the same area…unless you already have that problem solved. I assume you could just use a 12 condition If/Then column to determine that from each merchant.

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yes, that good, but remember these columns need to be in Users sheet, so later you can add filter and visibility in choices based on User profile

This seems like a similar situation I had.
I have a group of volunteers with specific locations assigned to them. In their profile, I have about 11 blank locations that can be populated by a choice column which list all possible locations.


Profile form

On the volunteer check page, I have a text entry for the volunteer to put in their pin, a text component to show their choice, a check in button to record a row in the volunteer check in log, and multiple inlist filtered based on each of the 11 possible locations.

Volunteer Check Page

Page Layout

Inline list Layout

Inline list Features

So when the volunteer keys in their pin, only the locations in their profile shows up, then the can click on the location which in a card format, this fills a text column in their profile which shows their choice and then the can click the check in button to record the choice on the log in sheet.

Volunteer Page after choice

Hope this help with this situation or someone elses.

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