Popup or modal?

As long as you have the rich text for the modal you can display it, but it must be a details view.

The image component is for that “x” button.

Ok thanks! But I have to created these modal columns on the homepage sheet? Don’t see how I can bring it over since there is no data to relate.

You can create a relation/single column to relate back to the Modals sheet.

I thought there had to be a common data column between the two for that to happen.

You can create it yourself. Let’s say make a template with the text “Modal” in your “Homepage” sheet.

Then in the Modals sheet, make an If Then Else column. If the “Read” column is True/equals 1 then empty, else Modal.

The relation will automatically default to the first row, use a single matching.

Or if you use a multiple relation, add a single value column to return the first whole row.

OK, so the template code goes on the homepage sheet and not the modal sheet?

After bringing back the right info from Modals you can create the template code in the Homepage sheet.

Still, it’s a bit more complex than building it right on top of the Modals sheet, because now you have to use a set column action on the image component action to write the “Read” value back to the right row on the Modals sheet.

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Code Book updated… tnx!


Hi Uzo … did you know how to changing button font colour in CSS ?, or just text font color in CSS

yes, in CSS

can you teach me how to ? :sweat_smile:

click that link, you can find all answers there

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thank you so much!

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