Please help me with the conditions

I have an app to make it easy for travelers to book a trip. I have options for users to request specific trips TO GO TO LOCAL EVENTS AND THE AIRPORT.

Those all have the correct DATA AND ELEMENTS ( text entries) for location request and drop off request to make that happen. However, when I use the form to submit the trip it will not show up on the account page to show the distance. what should I do?

Your question is not very clear, at least for me.
I try to summarize what you need:

  1. you have a screen where your user chooses the pick-up location and destination
  2. you have to visualize the distance between the two places

Given that we have the precise addresses of the two places available, the result you want to appear on the same screen is the direct distance between the two places.
Is that so?
(If so, keep in mind that the distance is as the crow flies, it is not measured on the road).

:point_right: Confirm me if I understand correctly, and then let’s see what needs to be done to get what you want.

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