Placing Native Advertisements

Hello Glide,

My app lists a bunch of blog posts from various bloggers within the Tile view. I am interested in placing Native Affiliate Ads randomly as Tiles so they look similar to the blog posts (will have a ‘Sponsored Ad’ tag).

Currently, my Tiles open up as “View Details”, but the Ads should open up as “Web View” or “Open Link”.

*** Update ***
After writing this out, I actually figured out a solution and decided to share incase anybody else is looking to do the same.

Basically, all my main content is in a worksheet called Posts. Each Post includes a column called Author ID. I added an additional IF, THEN, ELSE column called “Advertisement” where if Author ID is empty (could be any appropriate column), then YES. If not empty, NO.

I then built a Custom Action on my Inline List, where if Advertisement Column is YES, then open external link as “Webview”, along with “Increment” for tracking clicks. If NO, then open as “View Details”, which shows the blog details as originally intended.

Anybody else have a better way?

  • Author ID actually wouldn’t be the best column if you have advertiser adding their own ads to your site. But if you are doing your own affiliate ads, then this should still work.

Great job! Another example of the IFTTT mentality of the multi-step actions making the entire platform so much more dynamic!
Hmmm… perhaps it’s time to build a Glide app ad network?