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i currently have a home page design to where i have a profile picture at the top and then a custom greeting that uses the users name (based upon sign-in). on the photo settings i have the option to tap to allow user to upload and tap to enlarge but i would like to allow both… currently i allow users to upload but they can’t enlarge the picture… any way to add that functionality?

The the upload option on an image component is new to me. The best advice I can give regarding having both would be to have a button below the image labeled ‘Enlarge’ with an Open as Link action. It doesn’t exactly open the image in the app, but more of temporary browser window.

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I would do the inverse, from a UX perspective : tap to enlarge (more implicit) and add below a form button to change the picture.

But yes, that’s the best way to do, I guess.

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@Jeff_Hager @Christophe_HK
Thank you both for your reply! I hadn’t thought of implementing it with a button for the second button… I will experiment with the 2 scenarios… thanks again!!


Solution offered, topic closed.