Performance for big app

Hi everyone,
I want to ask a question. I have a big project, maybe a project that will reach 1 million rows. You can think of it like I am using glidetable now, but when I view the source code with chrome it loads all the data when opening the application. I think this is normal for Google spreadsheat, but for glide table I think it should lazy load. For example, when I scroll down the inline list, it should be able to load the data in 10 pieces. What do you think? Can this happen for glide in the future, or should I continue the project by writing react native myself?

I don’t think Glide applies lazy loading. What you should do is find a way to apply row owners to your app so that users will only load what is needed for their profile.

Row owners are not enough for me. I will show all data for all users. (With filtering, paging, sorting etc.)

All users create a 5 record in the week. If i have 100.000 user, 500.000 record in the week. This is crazy numbers, but it’s have potential.

mmm, the issue is that any/all computed columns in your app (relations, lookups, etc) will be computed on each users device. In order to compute those columns, all data must first be loaded (I believe).
I don’t know if there is getting around that…