PDF from other URL

Can i insert a pdf url, like from airtable, and from some sort of wizardry-without uploading the pdf, could i have some sort of arrangement happen where glide writes their own pdf image in another field.

Like I want to be able to feed in a url from google or airtable of a document link that is stored from their server, and then glide acts like its a file that has been uploaded and logs the file on the server

trying to skip the upload

So you ultimately want a PDF that’s stored elsewhere to be downloaded and stored in Glide’s storage without user interaction?

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I’m not aware of a way to do that. I don’t believe you can upload through the API, which is about the only way to achieve something like that without user interaction. There is no function that will allow you to upload a file without using a file picker.

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And no way to upload a file via api?

No, I don’t believe so.

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Just confirming what Jeff said, this is not possible. The closest you can get is to store your file elsewhere, and then update a column value in a specific row with a link to the file via the API.