Payment within an app - what to use to keep a customer’s card on an account

Hi! I am using payment things for payhere/stripe and PayPal. Payhere handles one time payments, as well as subscriptions.

I’m looking for a way to keep a customer’s payment info on file, so they consume and pay for a service without needing to put in information again. Just like taking an Uber.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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I’m not aware of something like this that works for PayHere, but for Stripe, after reading through their API I think this is the related one.

However it’s pretty complex.

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@Mark_Turrell Maybe :thinking:


This looks like it should work. I’ll do some digging :slight_smile: thanks!

Definitely worth giving it a whirl… :wink:

Here is a bit more reading :arrow_down:

It looks like it should work nicely. A quick test to make sure it embeds into Glide natively (yes), and then I would need to work out how to pass parameters (name, user ID) so I can tie things back afterwards, as well as making it easy to complete the form.

15 min exploration done - so it is doable, and is added to my to-do list (to make customers happy).

Thanks, @Rosewebstudio !


That’s great…it’s a pretty powerful tool and has some great logical expressions for formatting and skip logic should you feel the need to get creative with your data before it hits your app.

I’m sure others will come up with alternative ideas but it does appear to fulfil most of your requirements. :+1:


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