Payment Gateway Integration

I am currently working on a Glide app project based in Pakistan and am excited about the progress so far. However, I’ve reached a point where I need some guidance regarding the integration of a Pakistan-based payment gateway into my app.


  • Payment Gateway:
  • Integration Goals:
    • Payment Links
    • Card Payments


  1. Has anyone successfully integrated a Pakistan payment gateway into a Glide app?
  2. Are there any Glide-specific features or plugins that facilitate such integrations?
  3. What steps did you follow, and are there any tips or gotchas I should be aware of?

Any help, guidance, or sharing of your experiences would be highly appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Looks like it has an API, so should be totally doable.

I’d say start with the tutorial below. Bob shows how to do it using Payhere, but the concepts should be the same for any payment gateway,