Like to know from anyone, is it possible/safe to use Glide App as a place where I can use and save all my passwords? I use a app now that sync Wi-Fi from desktop the android, but is not supported on iPhone. My data only only located between devices, not storages off site.

I personally wouldn’t, but that’s only my personal opinion. While I will consider Glide secure if you apply all of the proper security procedures, I don’t believe the data is encrypted in the data source. Which data source would you plan to use (Glide, Google, Airtable, Excel)? What procedures would you have in place to ensure your data source is secure, the app builder interface is secure, and the app itself is secure? I would only trust a service like LastPass or 1Password myself. Even they have been hacked, but the data is at least heavily encrypted.

I won’t say you can’t do it, but I would make sure you completely understand how data security works with Glide and how to properly secure your data.

Possible…yes, safe…depends, would I build an app like this for others to use…definitely not.


Thank you very much for your thoughts in this question. I will keep looking, but I really like Glide, so I might could up with something else for it.

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