Parts of Speech Extractor


Can anyone confirm or show a sample for the correct usage of the Parts of Speech Extractor API.
I have tried:

Thanks in advance

I noticed that plugin the other day. There are a few that appear to be new, but not working. From what I can tell, you are using it correctly, but it just doesn’t return a result.

You can play with it here:

This link show all the keywords you can use.

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I’d LOVE to use this with my data in an app I’m currently building. Do we know why this isn’t working?

I’ve got text being transcribed with ChatGPT from an audio recording and want to pull out price/value and pronouns. I know I have the columns set correctly for this based on documentation, but nothing shows up.

Quick update that I realize we can now use OpenAI for this. For example in my app, I’m transcribing an audio recording and then using an OpenAI prompt like “Find the item being described in this sentence and reply with just the item’s name” or “Find the pronoun in this sentence and reply with just the name.”

It’s working perfectly, but it’s wasting updates every time it runs. I’d love to use something built into the data tables like the parts of speech extractor that the team built.

It’s it still not working? Haven’t tried in awhile. Are you using all caps when specifying the parts of speech?

Yeah still not working. I did do all caps.