So I made this AI chatbot like ChatGPT and Bard (Google’s AI.)

App link:

  1. You can create different chats for different topics.

  1. You can share the chat history, clear, and delete the chat.

  1. You type a message in the chat box, and ParAI will respond with the answer to what you asked.
    This works with the OpenAI “Answer a question” column type.

  1. You can also use the microphone icon to record a voice message, and ParAI will convert it into text and answer your question based on that text. (I accidentally put two commas and ParAI corrected me! :rofl:)

  1. ParAI is really fast unlike ChatGPT!

So, once again, try it at:

I will make a tutorial on how to make something like this soon!


Hey this is cool! Is it communicating by a webhook?
If yes, what method is it using to show the answer instantly?