Paid work on availability logic for reservation app

I’m building a reservation/booking platform for accommodations and transfers. Think of at a smaller scale. :innocent: For that I require help creating the availability logic of the app. By that I mean the functionality that manages the availability of resources like beds and rooms (for accommodation) and seats and vehicles (for cars). The terms are different but the way they function is the same.

There’s a bunch of Glide Experts leaving me struggling to choose whom to contact. :wink: Here in the community I always found @Robert_Petitto, @ThinhDinh, @Jeff_Hager, @Darren_Murphy and @Uzo very helpful - are you interested? Alternatively, can the community recommend an expert with experience in this regard?


  1. A property may choose to sell on beds/seats (shared) or rooms/vehicles (private) base and creates pricing plans accordingly.
  2. The property sets up a variable number of room types with a defined quantity of each room type (2x doubles with two beds, 2x quads with four beds) or the total number of beds and rooms (12 beds in four rooms)
  3. Each resource (bed/room) can have several (at times combined) pricing plans, e.g. a quad room for single, double, trip use or a double room, a bed with breakfast, half-board, full-board meals.
  4. Resources are blocked out by bookings or the owner, who manually selects availability across date ranges or for specific dates. A property can block all its resources at once for a certain date or date range, too.


  • When a visitor views a property with four rooms, only the two rooms available on the selected date are shown. They’re displayed by room type and quantity. The other two blocked rooms are hidden or labeled as unavailable.
  • A property has 20 beds, out of which 15 are taken - the system shows the availability of five. If the available capacity is insufficient, the system recommends other properties in the given location that have sufficient availability.
  • A guest is shown tiered pricing for transfers according to the number of persons booking: From 1-3 persons it’s x, from 4-5 persons y.
  • A provider is on holidays and blocks out all resources for a week at once.


  • I understand that calculation in the Glide is app is preferred due to performance and log. It also makes it easier to have columns with user-based instead of global values.
  • The goal of the job is to implement the above functionality and proof it runs fast and stable on a representative dataset of 25.000 rows.
  • Work needs likely to finish by July 31st or only slightly later.

Thank you!

This project is doable, but I don’t have the bandwidth to take it on. My apologies.

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What is the budget and time frame to complete? July 31st is impossible for anyone to do it, unless is a team. Or someone have ready template for similar project. Also you need to consider Glide PRO have only 25k rows, unless is ok to do merge system with 5 to 10 sec delay in search for unlimited rows.

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Thanks for your replies!

I currently have a funding opportunity with a limited timeframe. I would like to make use of it to implement the availability logic. Should time pressure and/or budget constrains not allow for it, I will keep you proposal at hand, waiting for another opportunity to arrive.

Time: A full invoice is needed by July 31st. That means by then one should have estimated the full scope of work. The implementation can take place in the following weeks and would be paid in installments according to agreed milestones or using the Glide Experts scheme.

Budget: I have no own estimation and am open to your ballpark figure proposals. I then need to run the numbers by the funding partner for approval.

Row limits: I have not actually thought about this and the search delay would be too great. Unless Glide considers offering plans with higher rates, I think the only options is to offload “past” rows periodically.

Apologies, I don’t have the capacity to do it with limited timeframe. I would recommend @Manan_Mehta and @Lucas_Pires for this as well.


I’m working on the same project in 7 days

hey @Ric_1 thanks for thinking of me. Looks like a fun project and a nice challenge. But I’m afraid that I’m the same as the others, and I simply don’t have the bandwidth right now to take something like this on - especially given the expected timeframe. But good luck, hope you find somebody to help you pull it off!

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Hi Ric!
@ThinhDinh and myself at can take this project starting early August.
However we can start moving forward in July creating the flows and wireframes.

If you’re interested we can have a quick call


Thanks for the recommendation brother!

Hey @Ric_1
My team could take this up provided that we have extremely clear expectations of what you need. Also it would be helpful if you know about major Glide limitations before hand (no in-app notifications, 25k row limits etc.)

From what I read here, the project is doable on Glide and if that’s the case, I have a team who can prioritize this. The timeline seems super tough to achieve but we can aim to reach that if we have clear expectations and communications from your side.

If you want to discuss further, here’s my Calendly,