Pages: Choice sorting option not working

Describe the bug:
Glide Page Choice sorting option not working

Expected Behaviour:
I have set the sorting feature of the choice component to alphabetical for my field, but the result is in sheet order.

How to replicate:
Please let me know if it is a problem for anyone else.



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Can confirm it’s not working for me as well.


Do you have a support link?

@ThinhDinh @fluittsolutions it seems to be working for me.

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Weird, I just refreshed and tried to reproduce it again and I can’t. Tried making a whole new Page and it just works normally.

@fluittsolutions if it still doesn’t work for you please let us know and send a support link to Santiago.

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Same here, for myself it’s also not working. It only works for sorting in “sheet order” and also “random” but not based on numeric or string values.

Not working for me as well. Will try to record on Replay and share.

Also does not work for me. Only works for “Sheet Order”

Sorting only seems to be working when the collection is shown when the data source for that collection is the same as the screen.

For example, if I have collection from data source A being displayed on a screen with data source B, then it will not sort.

Please submit a support ticket.

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Hi, I also have an issue with a choice component on glide page: it does not write anymore on my user specific column.

(support ticket submitted)

I am having the same issue in collection table, sorting is not woeking as well and its stuck to sheet sort

Likewise, numeric sorting not working in pages

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@SantiagoPerez I rasied a ticket 2 days ago already


I’ll look into it.

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Any update on a fix for this? Seems to still be an issue


If you are still seeing this, please submit a ticket.

This issue has been fixed on my end.

Just checked mine, all fixed. Thanks :blush:

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