Overlay's content on the map not updating

Hello, everyone!

Some questions about Map component:

  • when we click on marker on map then opening the overlay

there Description and title which relate to some data(computed columns) in the Glide table.
When we pressing some buttons outside the map

those buttons are changing computed Data. But in a modal window data still old.
If we force to close overlay and opening it again so the data became refreshed normally.
Does it is a bug or i miss something?

Another question is how to force to close this overlay during Action?
I have tried to Close overlay, Go back but no luck.
Just you need to tap anywhere on map to close.
The main reason for to close overlay is to force refresh the data in it.
Many thanks for advice.

If you don’t use the Overlay for the new screen, but use Current or Main, would it work?

Hi, ThinhDinh!
Thanks for income!
But this overlay it is not New Screen overlay it is native overlay of the map. When you click on map pin this overlay appear and it is impossible to change to current or something else.
Have a look Tab-map · Glide
I’m not clear about what you mean ThinhDinh about Current instead Overlay.
But yes if we opening new screen it works normally every changes appearing there inline but not in native map’s overlay
Tab-map · Glide
I try to explain why i need to native overlay follows to data changes:

Thansk for the information!

Ah I understand your use case now. Sorry, I don’t have a solution but it would be nice to see something like that working as expected.

What if you have two map components based on the “mode”?

Mode 1 if go to details screen of point.
Mode 2 is adding point to trip.
Oh i understand now.
If i have two map components so i will lose filters configuration maiden by user. In each of components it will be different

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