Option to enable Row Owner on ROW ID and UID columns

There’s a case for making it possible to enable row owners for ROW or UIDs . Relations, built safely/correctly, should not be based on user emails but instead, on some other value, preferably a ROW ID. The most common method to retrieve an email when a relation is built that way is through a lookup column, which can’t have Row Owner enabled.

And since it can’t be enabled, the alternative is adding users’ email addresses to the sheet manually or using VLOOKUP formulas. Both of those options are problematic. In the first instance, if a user profile is built out enabling a user to update their email address at any point, relations could be negatively impacted (brakeage). In the second instance, there’s the risk of inadvertently wiping out that formula.

Regressing to using more formulas is counter to the encouraged direction of Sheets → Glide Tables.

Discussed here in greater detail