Option for fixed position components

I’ve always loved the elegant way that Glide uses transparency in the title bar header to show movement when a user scrolls up/down. But there are times when devs/designers need or want to add additional components as fixed elements on the screen to improve UX.

For example, a detail page might be explaining the benefits of a particular webinar with the purpose of getting users to sign up. In this case, it would be valuable to both devs and users if a sign up button could be added and fixed so that it is accessible at all times as the user scrolls down the page to learn more about the webinar.

I’ve searched the forum but haven’t seen anything surrounding this so thought I’d pose the question and see if anyone else would find this feature useful? Thx


Sounds like a useful feature to me. I’ll upvote it.

My friend,

Could you find workaround for this issue? I have the same issue.