Optimize operation and calculation loads sheet/app

Hello :slight_smile:

I have several applications to build with rather a lot of data, relation, ID, Template data,…

To optimize the application and create the best “data flow” it is best to :

  • Add a maximum of elements as possible from the Glideapp interface?
  • Add a maximum of elements in the google sheet with formulas?
  • Add a maximum of elements in the google sheet with scrips?

In the same principle, if I have several datasets with different filters, it is better to use a dedicated sheet with a Filter function or the filter in GlideApp?
I’m talking about performance and optimization. Of course working on Glideapp allows you to go much faster, easier, use CRUDs,…

Thanks you :slight_smile:

The more executions/filters/calculations you do within Glide, the better performance you’ll have. That being said,

  1. There are some formulas that Glide can’t do internally (yet)
  2. Any columns you create or calculations you do within Glide will not be accessible within the sheet…plan accordingly

Personally, I’ve found that using Glide data columns results in the best user experience…though it takes some thought and redundancy to produce the same results as a simply Sheets formula. Worth it in my opinion.