OpenAI Integration processes tasks in wrong language

When I use the integration with OpenAI’s summarize text, correct grammar.
I almost always get an answer in English while the input was actually in Dutch.

Also when using speech to text it often translates to German or English while it’s actually in Dutch.
It think it would be great if you could set a optional language context for these integrations.

Is that possible to add?

Try putting “Summarize this in Dutch:” at the start of the text you feed in.

Or just use Complete Prompt for full control.

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Hi David,

Thanks for your feedback!

I didn’t like to create extra columns just to include this in the prompt.
But I noticed with the “send message to bot” action, there’s a separate field to enter context and this seems to work fine up till now.

For the speech to text I don’t see the solution yet, however it’s working most of the time if there’s not too much background noise.