Open web view from Rich Text Component

Is it possible to use “open web view” from within a Rich Text Component?

Should be able to. You can now assign actions to rich text components.

At least on the whole component. I don’t think you can add a hyperlink and open a web view from a specific piece of text within the rich text.

Thank you, how do I assign the action?


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Thats a pity!

You could have multiple rich text components.

  • One with some text and no action.
  • A second with text, but with an ‘open web view’ action.
  • A third with more text and no action.

That would kind of give the impression of an in-line hyperlink among other text, but it would still be on it’s own line.


Brilliant, I will try that!

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It works, thank you Jeff!


Added som Bells & Whistles! :grinning:


@david When can we expect that the G in FAANG will stand for Glide instead of Google?​ :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool little app!

May I ask how you did the side-scrolling “tape” in the header? Is it dynamic? Thanks!

Yes It is dynamic, pure html!

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Nice! Would you care to share said HTML? :nerd_face:

It is just the html Marquee tag together with some spreadsheet formulas and Google finance.
Read more here:

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Ok cool - I’ll check it out! Thanks!

Suddenly strange characters show up in page title. Do you see the same?

hi @Ralf , awesome app!

Can you share how do you visualize the chart after clicking the rich text field?

This is the https target in the Open Web View action:



10_wWFJL61PMtYn40hvDxFXHW-v4mMaFD7staCHfdjAs= Sheet ID

201152306 = Tab ID

range=D21:J35 = Range to be rendered

Read more about htmlembed here:


Welcome on board the community !

Thank you very much!