Open AI Table Question

Hey, I am running a business pro team on GlideApps and i have this app hosted on I have played a bit with Open AI’s API’s in Glide and a few times outside of GlideApps.

Here is the issue that is occurring: Every time I try to ask Open AI a table question after filling the the details needed in the API request, it returns an error message (red bar notification in case of GlideApps) that says could not fulfill request because of bad embeddings.

My table is slightly complex with about 60 columns and 5000 rows. Is there a reason that my API is failing? My guess right now is that the table values, even in JSON, when being passed to Open AI are too large to be tokenized.

Any help or insight would be appreciated.

I am using this functionality in one of my apps and for me there is a hard lock at 2047 rows. Each extra row gives the embeddings fault…


May be a better solution is a train model with table data and then using custom model.
Of course it is a cost for training the model, but you can upload test file with your data up to 1Gb per file.
The traning process and data preparation and uploading is very simple and situable for no coders.

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Hey could you please share a screen recording or an instruction on how to do this?

Now im very busy with customer project. But you can read about process on OpenAI site there very clear step by step instruction. I just readed it and follow.
Also, i will try to take time for this video

1 Like Hey, you seem to have a strong knowledge regarding the open ai embedding integration. I appreciate you taking the time out to reply to me.

I tried searching the open AI website and found the embeddings section. it has all sorts of code containing API requests I am not quite understanding.

I understand that you are busy, even a link to the section on Open AIs page would be super helpful!




Could you guys help out?

Hey @Alaap_Kanchwala
I can help you with OpenAI integration using code which is faster and seamless compared to glide columns which get a bit unsupportive at times! :smiley:

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Hey Shantanu, I really appreciate that!

Could we get on a quick 5 minute call whenever you are free, so you could brief me on what to expect and where to host the code? then we could take it from there.

This is my communications email “”

I would appreciate if you could share yours as well so I may reach out to you.