Open 2 differents link with one button

Hi all,

On my project I have 2 url (2 Web Content Link from Google Drive for a direct download on click), I would like to have a button who make me download both files when I click on it, here is my button action :


But when I click, it only open the first link “PDF Investissement Download”, not the second

And if I erase the Wait module, it only open the second link “PDF Rentabilité Download”, not the first

Is there a way to make the button open both link (in 2 differents windows for example) in same time at click ?

Thanks in advance for the help !

If you wait for 5-10 seconds instead of 1 will it work?

Edit: Just tried with 10 seconds. Works for me.

Probably 1 second doesn’t work due to some sort of a mechanic to prevent multiple “pop-ups” at once from the browser.

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