On Page Load Action

I’m building a new app in Pages and really enjoying some of the Pages-specific features. One additional feature that would be awesome would be a custom “On Page Load” action.

Here’s a simple use case example:

Select “Books” item from a list of types of resources. Go to “Books” tab. Upon loading, if only one book in collection, go to details page.

I realize that I could do this with custom actions, rollup column, and if/then on initial button press, but I wanted to give a really straightforward example.

I’d love this in Apps too…I’ve always wanted actions for Tabs. Default would be “non”, but I’d love there to be an action sometimes whenever a user clicks a tab or a tab is opened for the first time.


Hi Kyan_Lynch, did you ever figure out how to create an “On Page Load” action ?

Currently there’s no way to trigger an action by clicking on a tab… or “On Page Load” as you call it.

Eric, do you have any suggestions for a crafty work-around ? I need some fields cleared every time a certain tab loads. I know that there’s an action to accomplish that from the preceding screen that opens the tab ( advanced “item click” action ), however I am opening the target tabs via a QR code link and therefore such solution doesn’t apply.

Maybe the tab that the QR code leads to is an Independent Screen and the flow from the QR code tab starts with a call to action… something like “Enter” or “Click here”… and use that button to set column values and move to next screen

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