Notify users about new content

Np, when we click Ctrl/Cmd, sometimes it can activate it

Make sure All inline list has no filters

Maybe that happend when I did the screenshots. :joy:

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No filter for ALL

Maybe can be the visibilities setup

It’s back now. I deleted everything in visibility and set it up again. It seems to work now. Woohoo!! :partying_face:


There you go - well done!




Now that this one’s solved, on to the next quest: Implementing chat functionality on a detail screen. :crazy_face:

Can’t wait to publish my app!

Hi guys, I have a follow-up question concerning the notifier. I implemented an action to increment the number of total reads by 1 when an entry is read, which allows me to calculate the unread messages, but now I noticed that when a message is read several times, the total count goes up and the number of unread messages can drop below zero when the number of total reads is higher than the number of entries. >> See this example
In my example I published 2 news entries, but the 1st entry was read 3 times, so unread drops to -1. My tab only displays the counter when numbers are greater than 0.
Is it possible to count only the first time a message is read? Or any other solution?

Branch your logic. If counter equals 1 then just set it to view details, else increment that column before viewing details.


I would just set a boolean to true when it’s read. Then use a rollup to count rows that are not true. Then you don’t have to mess with and increment counter.


Talking about tricks today. Here’s my 2 cents for this in what I’m doing nowadays - knowing and working everyday with glide:

When we use increment only to “check” something, I use is not empty instead of equals 1.

This way prevents this mess like “omg this user incremented twice instead of once - gosh!”

True story lol



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One of the complaint I get from users is that there is no notification on the app homescreen of new contents available. It means they must log into the app…
Now that I can collect unread items inside the app, is there a way to show onto the app homescreen, just like attached photo of FB/IG/WA/Messages.

Simply put, there’s no way to do that. It’s a dynamic thing that is, I assume, only available to native apps. Your Glide apps’ icons only serve as a bookmark for the app.


Is it a feature the Glide team can look into or technical it is IMpossible!

As long as it serves only as a bookmark I think it’s technically impossible.


Just like push notifications, Safari and Firefox do not currently support badges for PWAs…one day hopefully.


Thanks so much for sharing this! This helped a lot :slight_smile:

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