Notification system with a small visualization issue

So I quite finished my notification system (based on various events on the app), with different icons for notification types, date (how old), read/not-read. I used some information I found here on the community :pray:
But … still wondering how to make the table most appealing, any suggestion? I would like “x days old” to be aligned on the right. Maybe CSS?

I like using the card style layout, just because it gives you a few more different options for laying out your data.


Thanks! I will try

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Change the Relative Date field to “mini” or “twitter” so it will say “4d” and not “4 day/s ago”
and use the Relative Date column, because it looks like you are using a custom solution.

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looks like the “problem” is when the notification description is divided in 2 different lines. But… it’s for sure better than before :pray:

I also think you should consider removing the “ago”, it’s obvious and takes up space and attention.
so instead of 7d ago, 7d or 7 days is enough

it means “how old is the notification”


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