Notification In Beta Action Integration

What are the limits of the notifications and any plan to use it via API ?

Also is there a plan for one signal as an example as an integration in this case to be able to use one signal API as well ?

You will most likely be charged updates for using it, and you should seriously consider it based on the updates quota for the plan you are using.

Haven’t seen that one mentioned.

FYI the push notification integration had a warning message which said it would consume 5 updates per use.

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It’s not the final number, but I would warn any people trying to use the integrations to consider this part before they put it to production. You don’t want to see posts like “I run out of updates in no time this month. What can be the reason?”.

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Yes, I am seeing beaucoup updates using the Google Maps “address to coordinates” and “coordinates to address” EDIT It would be nice if, once run, the coordinates/address would “stick” in the table, instead of running each time the app is entered or the table refreshed. Why re-run to get the coordinates/address each time, since they will never change. Re-run only if the target data changes. Make it “sticky”.

Something weird when I was setting up the API, though, is it kept trying to use another one of my saved passwords, and I had to delete my saved password for Glide, and for the Glide community so it would use the “saved password” of the API key. No matter how many times I selected the correct password on this screen, it kept defaulting to a different password.

Also, the granularity of the coordinates returned is not that great. And because you can only get either the longitude or latitude from the column, you have to run it in two columns, which doubles the updates – my “coordinates to address” usage is half the usage to get the coordinates from address.

I don’t know if Glide has fixed the template links, but here is the template. I am sharing it because I had tried in the past to set up a “reverse geocode” javascript column, but never got it working correctly. Perhaps someone who knows js can take a look at it? That would be the best way – to avoid all updates…

I think you were using the column type instead of the action.

If you use an action, let’s say an on-submit action of a form that has an address, it writes the lat and lon in 1 go, and that should stick. In this case it’s not a column type, so I don’t think it refreshes every time you enter the app or the table refreshes.

You are correct. I did not know it could be an action. What would the use case be for a column since it could literally eat your entire update count if you have 1000 rows…

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It should be cached, if it’s not I would argue that’s a bug.

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I agree it either should not count against the updates or should be cached unless the value changes and needs to be recalculated.

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