Notification every 7000 miles

I have a column that contains mileage. Every time gas is put in, the mileage is updated. I am trying to send a web hook/notification every 7000 miles for oil change. Any idea of a work around because I can not find it. I appreciate any and all help on this matter…

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So do you increment a number column or do you log a separate row and then use a rollup?

Increment a number column. The mileage is put in.

Can you describe your app flow/user experience in a little more detail? ( a screen shot or two would help)

What you want to do will certainly be possible, but the suggested approach will vary depending on how you currently have your app set up.

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Not sure exactly what to describe other than it is an app that has alerts for automobile service times which is measured by mileage. Sorry if that is not what you are looking for.

Okay, so here is what I would do.

  • I would use a custom form for logging the mileage.
  • The mileage entered would be written to a User Specific column
  • As the mileage is entered I would use a math column to calculate the updated mileage
  • I would use a second math column to determine the nearest multiple of 7000
  • I would then use an if-then-else column to determine if a notification is necessary:
    – If previous mileage is greater than nearest 7000, then false
    – If new mileage is less than nearest 7000, then false
    – Else true
  • Then when the user submits the form, I would use a conditional action with two branches. One branch would include the webhook (if the notification required is true), and the other wouldn’t.

Just for the sake of exploring scenarios (because I really like to hypothesize scenarios).
Why the need for notification? In my opinion there would be no need, because the next time you fill up with gas, it is precisely in that same screen that you should also suggest changing the oil.


Whew… I will have to di-sect all of that! :). Let me see what I can do with this info!

That seems like a good idea. In fact, if I could just find code that will do an action at every interval on the gas input form!

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I think @Roldy’s idea is best. Rather than sending a notification, you could show a “nag” message every time the user opens the app. The Hint component would be ideal for this.

Do you record oil changes in the app?

If you do, you could set it up in such a way that the user gets a “warning” message as the next oil change is approaching (say within 500 miles), and then show a “danger” message if the oil change becomes overdue.

Once the user logs the oil change, then the nag message would disappear.

Setting it up to do that would be a little tricky, but doable. If you want to do that and aren’t sure how to approach it, let me know and I’ll make a sample for you.

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Honestly, that would be absolutely perfect. Never even thought of that idea, much less entertained it. I am very interested in that. An example would be great! Thank you!

Here, take a look at this.
I’ve probably made it a bit more complicated than it needs to be - sorry about that.
If you add some Gas Log entries you should see what happens with the hint component as the odometer reading approaches and exceeds 14,000 miles.

It’s copyable, so you can make your own copy and play around with it.
Let me know if you have questions.

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I have been working on this and playing with this ever since you posted it. I’m slowly getting it, but man, your right, it’s complicated. I’m trying to figure a way to “dumb” it down so I can utilitize it…

haha, I’m sorry. I did that in a hurry, so didn’t really put a lot of thought into it. I’m sure it can be simplified. If I can make some time, I’ll circle back and have another look at it.

You are 100% awesome. Thank you!