Not sure how to create a running total of values that are calculated each day for a month

I’m trying to have a feature in the user profile that allows them to view a running total of the number of activities they have done each day. I’ve watched Robert Pettito’s “Gamify Your Glide App #1-4” and I was able to create a user profile sheet in a glide that uses templates from other sheets in order to track which specific activities each user has done every day. However, I would like to keep a record of all the activities the user has done every day for a month, but the ActivitiesDoneToday column(relation column) only grabs all the activities the user has done for that specific day. Since this ActivitiesDoneToday column only exists in glide I can’t use a script to keep track of these tallied up activities every day.

Due to the beauty of glide, I have a separate spreadsheet that lists out all the activities a user can do, and how much each activity is worth. Like is Robert’s Video, I used a template column that used the currently signed-in user’s email and had each activity linked to the signed-in user. This way I don’t have to create a spreadsheet for each individual user, which is definitely not ideal.

Also, I need the log of activities that keep track of activities done each day by the users to be cleared each day.

One way that I can think of is writing a script for the log sheet that keeps track of the activities that have been submitted each day, but I’m not exactly sure how to do that either.

I am pretty new to glide, so I apologize if there is some terminology that I am missing or seems confusing.

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Hi Steven, welcome to our community!

Do you have a form that users can submit the activities that they have done? Or it’s simply a checkbox for each day?

Each activity has its own mini-form and that data goes in a separate spreadsheet called Activity Log. My User Profile’s sheet gets its relation from the Activity Log spreadsheet.

I assume you can extract the month and get the number of activities for current month, is that what you want?

I have done almost similar thing in one of my App.
You can set a Relation to the Log entries and then Rollup the count of total number of entries for each user.

you can roll-up the count to these Relation column.

But the roll-up only counts to the relation column. And the relation column only shows once the user checks off activities they do each day. If the logs are cleared every day, how can the roll-up column have a running total for the whole month?

Okay Sorry, I missed this sentence.

What do you currently have to “clear” the log?

The email, the activity, how many points the activity is worth, and a checkbox that is checked.

So would it work for your case?