Not a new TikTok but a LearnTok

Hi community,
working for the internal training department of my company.
i have already made a GlideApp that features the overview of all the courses we offer.
quite happy about that.

But now i am thinking of using Glideapp for micro-learning. this is offering little learning snacks (short video, a paragraph of text, an image/infographic…) through a GlideApp.

Is there a template that could help me start this dev?
Wandering around in the templates i did not see anything that would give me a jumpstart.

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What exact front end design do you have in mind? I think you can just have an extra table for that and present as a collection?

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Hi ThinhDinh
No fancy front end.
just a filter, a scroll list, a button for “like”. but yes, you are right, an extra table to store some front end variables.
nevertheless, i am looking to jumpstart with a template already in the store.
can you recommend one?