NoCodeAPI + Fetch ❤️

Likely a CORS issue.

Found this nice test tool for CORS. Does it seem reliable?

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If your problem is caused by a CORS issue, you could avoid it using a CORS proxy like this (what Thinh wrote above):


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Yeah, when a link that can be fetched by accessing it in the browser but doesn’t return anything in Glide, I think CORS is the most likely cause.

Aren’t these proxies super vulnerable?
Seems that they can create a huge security issue.

If that is a big concern for you, then the creator (Rob) did write about hosting your own version and having security limits for it.


Here’s a straightforward how-to to deploy your own version on Heroku.

Thanks. this is great. However, this is still relaying information to a 3rd party, Heroku. Any ideas of a safer workaround for somewhat sensitive data?
Not state secrets, but still data I’d prefer to secure.

No, I don’t have any other ideas.