Next level - connect glide to framer

I believe that the next level of development without code is also without limits and limitations of movement and effects.
Instead of building templates just like Wix, differentiate yourself and let developers design the application as they see it. This will allow us to bring the world of development without code to a new level, think what would happen if we were connected to framer or figma, what apps would we have?

Thanks @Moshe.

Designing a top-level UI/UX requires a lot of experience and expertise. Part of the joy of Glide is that we make these difficult decisions on behalf of our customers. This ensures that they can design delightful interfaces without the roadblock of complicated design choices.

I agree with Tom wholeheartedly. I’m a broken record and repeat myself with regards to app design, but I am convinced 99,99% of developers (non-scientific estimate ; ) couldn’t design a good-looking app if their life depended on it. The less developers need to deal with design, the better (in my opinion).

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I think that design is an integral part of programming and as important as it is that the button is on the screen it is also important that the button looks adjusted to the size and line.

On the other hand, you are right, the Glide concept is easy to build, both in terms of design and technique, so surely something like this will be at the end of the list of priorities


I agree with you. Only the very best developers should be given the right to design. I think design is too important to be left in the hands of everybody. When this unfortunately happens, the outcome is usually so appalling that the want-to-be designer would have better not been given control of the design in the first place. Thanks to Glide, developers don’t need to worry about design (all that much), since the apps look great out of the box.


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