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Hi all I am new to the app world and was trying this out. I am trying to design an app for a Church. I have a tech background and am wording what is the easiest way to get started on how to design this. I would appreciate any help that you can give me.

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I spent a fair amount of time digging through all of the examples to try to understand what’s possible with Glide. I learned a lot by looking the spreadsheets for each example.

They are here:

The deep dive into the conference app template covers a lot of ground and is worth a watch:

I did all of this to make sure that I wasn’t going to run into any major roadblocks further down the road. There are some limitations and better to understand those before get too far into the process.


I suggest you play with the world of examples out there. I spent two days just trying different variations. At some point you just have to decide a direction and make that your design within the limits of the time you can dedicate to it. Seriously addicting to go play and see what can be done. So simple yet powerful. GlideFan big time here. I also work at a church. Blessings, ~H.

Check out posts by @Lighted_Candle . He has done a lot of work that may be of interest to you.

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Shure thing.