NEW Google Sheets Alternative: Google Tables!

You’re not going to believe it.

Google made a new, kinda secret product called Google Area120 Tables.

It’s kinda better than Google sheets, but you’ll realize that it’s almost identical to the Glide Data Editor. SERIOUSLY!! There’s many types of columns, relations, filtering, literally everything except the layout, of course. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Oh - another thing! It has Google’s version of zapier included! When there’s a new row, you can make it so that it sends an email to someone, etc.


Oh, and there’s a separate forms feature too - not related to Google Forms

Is this gonna be a competitor? Are we going to be able to integrate with Tables?



Seems quite similar to Airtable!

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They didn’t even try:

I had a look at this earlier when it was on beta mode. Looks great product.

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It really does—it’s def an airtable competitor.

Not free though.


It’s also google, so just like google glass, google hangouts, google clips, google datally, google bulletin google fusion tables, google fabric, google hire, google trips, google plus, google allo…the list goes on and on to over 50 failed projects…I will stick with sheets thank you.


Google has some successes too :wink:

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Your right, I just don’t hold my breathe waiting for them to occur. :rofl:

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